Did You Know You Could Be CPD-Compliant in Just 4 Simple Steps?

If you’re a CA(SA), you probably know by now that SAICA have changed their CPD policy requirements with which each CA has to comply. 

Whether you’ve been able to maintain your CPD compliance by fulfilling the Planning, Action and Reflection Phases of your annual Reflective Plan may be a completely different story.

If you simply don’t know where to start, here’s how you can become CPD-compliant in 4 simple steps:

  1.  Use our Reflective Plan Toolkit™  to identify your competencies & self-assess in under 20 minutes for the entire year (this takes care of the Planning Phase).

  2. Use our FREE second software solution, CPD-Search, to quickly find & filter for relevant CPD articles, videos and webinars – these self-study activities now count as relevant CPD activities under the new policy.

  3. Use our unique CPD Widget Chrome Extension to instantly add relevant self-study CPD activities you’ve found to your Reflective Plan (thus completing the Action Phase).

  4. You can then Reflect on each activity immediately from our CPD Widget Chrome Extension or later at your leisure – it’s entirely up to you – and your Reflection Phase is sorted too!
Watch the 90-second video below for a demo of how seamlessly our CPD software solutions integrate together to make your CPD compliance completely pain-free

You get all the above and so much more for less than R89 p/m with an Annual Subscription to our Reflective Plan Toolkit.

Plus you can cancel anytime with a money-back guarantee – click the button below and never worry about CPD admin again:

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