8 Unique Ways Our CPD Toolkit Saves You Time

If you’re a CA(SA), you probably know that SAICA have changed their CPD policy requirements with which each CA has to comply. 

Whether you know what those actual new CPD policy requirements are may be a different story. 

That’s why we’ve created the below simple CPD table which presents the actual nitty-gritty of what each CA(SA) has to do to remain CPD compliant as well as how our Reflective Plan Toolkit™ takes care of it step-by-step:

New CPD Policy Requirement How our Toolkit
takes care of it
Identify relevant competencies
applicable in your current role
Automatically lists relevant competencies for your role
per the SAICA Competency Framework
Perform a self-assessment
to determine your Learning Areas for the year
Self-assess in under 20 mins
for the entire year
per the
SAICA Competency Framework
Find relevant CPD Activities
to address your Learning Areas
We find CPD Activities for you &
send them directly to your inbox
Reflect on each CPD Activity
completed as well as compulsory Ethics Reflections
Reflect instantly using our Toolkit & we send you prompts too
Retain CPD evidence for 3 years in the event of any SAICA audits We store all your CPD info securely & Export to PDF for any year with a single click
You DON'T have to pay for CPD courses anymore!

Self-study activities like reading CPD articles are now considered relevant activities
Use our unique CPD Widget & instantly add any CPD article to
your Reflective Plan without ever leaving the webpage
What if I don't have time to find CPD articles? We find & send relevant CPD articles to you via our email newsletter
What if I have additional CPD requirements? We integrate the CPD requirements for CA(SA)s, AGA(SA)s, AT(SA)s,
RTPs, RAs, BRPs & FSPs in
one simple solution
What if I still have questions &
want more info?
Book a 15-min Demo or reach out via
[email protected] - we are always available to assist!

All the above and so much more is included in a subscription to our Reflective Plan Toolkit™ software solution tailor-made for CA(SA)s!

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