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The Comprehensive CPD Solution for Accounting Professionals

If you’re a registered CA(SA), AGA(SA) or AT(SA), our Toolkit was tailor-made with you in mind.

Watch our 2-minute video below to find out why you’ll never have to worry about CPD admin again:

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How Does It Work?

You tell us two things. Our Toolkit takes care of the rest.

Simply select your Career Path and Proficiency Level - our software will automatically

> Determine your specific competencies and required level per competency as per SAICA's Post-Qualification Competency Framework

> Help you assess your competencies to identify your learning areas for the year with a few simple clicks

What happens once I've identified my learning areas?

SAICA requires all actively practicing CA(SA)s, AGA(SA)s and AT(SA)s to self-assess and identify their specific learning areas for the year, then find, complete and reflect on relevant activities to address those learning areas.

Thankfully, our Reflective Plan Toolkit™ has you covered.

We’ve simplified finding CPD activities by partnering with affiliates who provide courses and webinars which you can book directly in the Toolkit to plan out your CPD for the year.

What If I can't find activities on the Toolkit to address my learning areas?

We've got that covered too.

SAICA’s new CPD policy allows for self-study activities, such as reading articles and watching videos, to count as relevant CPD activities in addressing your learning areas.  

As a subscriber to our Toolkit, you will gain access to our unique Reflective Plan Toolkit™ Widget published on the Google Chrome Webstore which integrates directly with your browser and allows you to add ANY article, video or webinar immediately from any webpage to your Reflective Plan Toolkit™.

The Widget also allows you to reflect on your self-study activity instantly – or anytime later – it’s entirely up to you.

What if I'm too busy to find articles or videos?

We understand - that’s why we compile curated content from around the web and send it directly to your inbox in our tailored email newsletter,  with the competencies already assigned, three times a week. All you have to do is click.

We store all your CPD Reflective Plan information in a secure central location - ready to export whenever you need.

Our Toolkit also integrates the CPD requirements for Registered Tax Practitioners, Registered Auditors, Business Rescue Practitioners and Financial Service Providers under FAIS in one comprehensive software solution.

From the first click, our Reflective Plan Toolkit™ makes complying with your CPD completely pain-free.

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