The Absolute Basics of Financial Literacy in South Africa – Free Ebook

If you’re a young South African like me, it’s unlikely that you ever really had anything in the way of a formal financial education. You’re either lucky enough to gain some precious insights and experience from your parents and peers, or off you go yourself to learn about money the hard way.

The thing that sucks is that by the time you’ve paid the price (in a lot more than money sometimes) and learnt the lessons, it’s often much later in your life and you have fewer opportunities available.

Nobody ever taught us about the tax effects of getting married, or how to choose a retirement annuity that suits our own goals, or whether a balloon payment option on a car would be wise in the long-term. These and many more important financial decisions impact almost all South Africans and most of us never learn anything about them until it’s too late.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why it’s our mission at myCAhub™ to create original quality content on Financial Literacy which will always be free for all South Africans.

We’ve compiled all of our Financial Literacy infographics for 2021 into this PDF to make it readily accessible and easy to share too – and please do!

I hope this eBook is useful to you – please feel free to reach out to me at any time for any queries or feedback at [email protected] , I am always available to assist and we always strive to improve!

Thanks again for supporting myCAhub™ and happy reading!

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