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Sponsor our weekly CPD Newsletter and promote your products directly to 1000+ registered CAs & other finance professionals at a fraction of the usual cost!

Our weekly CPD Newsletter boasts a 45%+ open rate with a 4.6% click-through rate:

We know targeted marketing at CAs and other finance professionals is often expensive – for example, Accountancy SA Digi-Mag banners begin at R5 000 and Moneyweb Newsletter ads run at R17 000!

Not with myCAhub – we’ve created a cost-effective option for sponsorship of our weekly CPD Newsletter:

Banner Ads & Text

This includes:

> Full banner ad across the Newsletter with a direct hyperlink to your site (1200 x 200px)

> 100 words of sponsored text – write-up supplied by sponsor with another direct hyperlink to your site.

Sponsorship for this option is priced at R429 per newsletter.

Plus – take advantage of a 20% discount if you elect to sponsor 4 weeks in a row, bringing the total to just R1 350 .

You can supply your own banner or make use of our in-house design team to save you time – here’s an example of how your banner would look in our newsletter:

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