Newly Qualified CA(SA) Promotion!

Are you a Newly Qualified CA(SA)?

We know that along with the celebrations comes registration fees – which can often add up in the first years of membership.

On top of that, you now have to be compliant with SAICA’s new CPD policy – which can be a lot of admin and time.

Not with our all-in-one CPD Toolkit however, which is tailor-made to save you time and make your CPD compliance as easy as possible.

If you registered as a CA(SA) in 2023, we’ll give you 20% off an Annual Subscription to our CPD Toolkit bringing the total cost for your comprehensive CPD compliance to under R67 p/m – that’s less than a lunch!

If you registered as a CA(SA) in 2022, we’ll give you 10% off an Annual Subscription to our CPD Toolkit too!

Plus, you can cancel anytime with a pro-rata refund – we want you to be happy with our software and service!

Simply fill in your Name, Email and When you registered as a CA below and we’ll send through your unique Discount code ASAP.

Newly Qualified CA(SA) Promotion

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