Version 5.0 of Our Reflective Plan Toolkit™ is here!

What's New in Version 5.0?

New 2022 Tax Practitioner CPD Requirements from SARS Integrated Into the Toolkit:

As of 1 June 2022, CPD requirements for Registered Tax Practitioners have been amended and increased by SARS from 15 tax-specific hours per annum (9 hours verifiable) to a minimum of 18 verifiable CPD hours per year.

As per communication from SAICA, Tax Practitioners must now ensure that they meet the minimum of 18 verifiable CPD hours annually, consisting of the following:

  • 10 tax hours;
  • 2 ethics hours; and
  • 6 hours relating to the service provided by the individual – e.g. audit, financial reporting etc. If the individual provides only tax services, then presumably additional tax CPD hours will fulfill this requirement.

Our Version 5.0 update directly integrates the updated CPD policy requirements for Registered Tax Practitioners into our Toolkit, allowing our users to add the above required pre-loaded Learning Areas relating to these additional CPD requirements instantly in our Toolkit with just a single click.

We have also already assigned the relevant competencies from a SAICA CPD Framework to the new Tax Practitioner pre-loaded Learning Areas – allowing our CA(SA) users to seamlessly record CPD activities they complete for these other requirements in their SAICA Reflective Plans too.

As you can see, regardless of your qualification requirements – we aim to make complying with your CPD completely pain-free!

New CPD Activities Added to the Toolkit:

We are thrilled to have partnered with Protagion Active Career Management in adding a direct link to Protagion’s services for a variety of competencies in our Toolkit!!

Protagion supports qualified professionals, including Chartered Accountants, to manage and develop their careers. 

They offer professional guidance, making tailored suggestions given their proteges’ unique ambitions, backgrounds and potential. Their services can be used on-your-own, in-a-group, or one-on-one with their 40+ international professional mentors and coaches, many of whom have lived and worked in South Africa during their careers so far.

Direct links with more details on Protagion’s offerings have been listed and assigned to the below relevant SAICA competencies in our CPD Toolkit and are ready for our users to access directly with just a single click:


CPD Activity Provider Applicable SAICA Competencies
Protagion Group Career Development Sessions Protagion All competencies within the Ethics, Citizenship, Lifelong Learning, Business Acumen, Relational Acumen and Decision-Making Acumen Competencies as well as a number of Technical Competencies too.

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