Launch of MoneySharp: Our Financial Literacy Club!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of MoneySharp: the Financial Literacy Club from myCAhub™!

A key part of the amazing feedback we have received on our weekly free Financial Literacy content over the past 5 months since our launch is that a critical gap exists at the school education level in terms of useful and applicable skills when it comes to understanding money and financial planning of any kind.

Since all financial literacy knowledge builds on itself and time is the greatest asset to the average investor, we at myCAhub feel it is incredibly important to introduce these concepts to students as early as possible so that they are empowered when it comes to making important financial decisions for their future.

That’s why we’ve launched MoneySharp: the Financial Literacy Club from myCAhub™ at my alma mater, St John’s College, starting this third term – where a variety of relevant topics will be presented weekly by myself to interested students beginning with the absolute basics of financial literacy. 

The Club is completely free – our genuine thanks to St John’s College for affording us this incredible opportunity and André Black from SJC for co-ordinating and making this happen – we will only deliver our best as always.

Based on the feedback from this pilot programme, we hope to expand and extend Financial Literacy Clubs at many more schools throughout South Africa as part of our mission to Make Accounting Awesome for Everyone – but we’re honestly taking it one step at a time, and were just excited to share!

If you would like more information on MoneySharp or are interested in potentially starting a Financial Literacy Club at your school or academic institution, please feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Form – we do all preparations and presentations and are keen to work together with other South Africans to bring financial literacy to the youth – by any means necessary!

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