Working From Home – Guide

If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, you can generally claim all business-related home office expenses as taxable deductions.

However. if you are employed, you can only claim business-related expenses whilst working from home if:

> more than 50% of your income is variable, or

> you spend more than 50% of your working hours performing work from home

That’s where our FREE Excel Working from Home Tracker Tool comes in – as remote-working seems here to stay, you can use it to easily track which days you spend working from home vs at the office – and automatically compare at the end of the year to confirm if you meet the 50% threshold.

Download our FREE Excel Working from Home Tracker Tool by clicking on the “Download Now!” button below: 

If you’re interested in more information on Things to Ask your Accountant about Working From Home, check out our original Infographic here.

Disclaimer: the above information is not intended as advice. Your specific circumstances may vary. Please speak to your Accountant or Registered Tax Practitioner for more information.

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